• WE ARE...

… a proven mission support provider internationally recognized for innovative, creative, and cost-efficient support solutions. KVG supports defense activities worldwide with a strong presence at the front lines. Our team excels at dynamic project execution in rugged, austere, and challenging locations. 

Respected for our ability to make it happen and get it done, we retain responsible, inventive and versatile operators from four continents. They are located in the places where projects become challenging.
KVG team members have supported and delivered complete solutions on the edges of Eastern Europe, the borderlands of Central Asia, the cities of West Africa and on the islands of South East Asia.
We are recognized as the go-to problem solving team for mission support on the edge and we deliver creative and consistent results, beyond expectations.

KVG Supply is a natural evolutionary step as, once again, we reach out and meet our customer's needs where it matters most: at the gate. While maintaining the same high standards that our customers have become acquainted to we are building an online platform aimed at making life easier for purchasing personnel, whatever their needs are.


DNB: 078797625
JCCS Code: 85252