KVG performs numerous construction and base operations support services across Ukraine in support of the US Department of State (DoS), Department of Defense (DoD), US Army, and Navy operations. KVG’s works throughout Ukraine include daily support to the US Army at the Combat Training Center located at the Yavoriv Training Area and to the US Navy Mobile Construction Battalion aboard the Ochakiv Naval Base. Furthermore, KVG provides annual support to the Joint Multi-National Rapid Trident and Sea Breeze exercises.

Additional KVG work in Ukraine include:

  • The KVG Engineering Teams designed and constructed over 1 kilometer of perimeter security fence aboard the Ukrainian Naval Base in Ochakiv.
  • Complete renovation of 9 Soviet-era buildings requiring extensive structural and utilities upgrades;
  • Design and construction of border guard facilities at 41 locations throughout Ukraine;
  • Continual sourcing, procurement, and delivery of construction materials and office supplies;
  • Vehicle fleet leasing with complete maintenance and support;
  • Frequent material handling equipment, heavy equipment and Non-tactical vehicle leasing and operating;
  • Field sanitation, showers, and latrines;
  • Daily custodial services, daily water delivery, and grey and black water removal;
  • Reoccurring MWR shuttle services for US Army;
  • Interpreter and translation services for international training events;
  • International troop transportation of over 150 Ukrainian soldiers; and
  • Line-haul transportation of 19 military tactical vehicles, weapons, and ammunition across Ukraine, Poland, Germany—and then back—in support of the Strong Europe 2017 Tank Challenge exercise.
    •  This task had a lead time of 48 hours and required multiple wide-load movements totaling 4,407 kilometers and 312 road hours,
    •  KVG coordinated all customs clearance, wide-load convoy permitting, specialized ADR Class-1 (explosives) authorization, and national and provincial armed escort to cross 2 national borders and 7 provincial/municipal regions.