KVG supports numerous US Military activities including the USMC Black Sea Rotational Forces and US Army at Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base; US Navy, US Navy Mobile Construction Battalion, and US Army Corps of Engineers at Deveselu Air Base; US Army at Cincu Training Area; and the US Special Forces at locations throughout Romania. Our projects include ongoing base and operations support as well as re-occurring services on Operations Resolute Castle and Atlantic Resolve, as well as the Saber Guardian and Dragoon Pioneer exercises.

Specific KVG works in Romania include:

  • Engineering design and construction of motor pool security perimeter fence;
  • Trenching, earthworks, and watershed works;
  • Design, construction, and delivery of 3 mobile armory systems housing 900 tactical weapons;
  • Secured vault maintenance and on-call support;
  • Continual sourcing, procurement, and delivery of construction materials;
  • Frequent material handling equipment, heavy equipment and Non-tactical vehicle leasing and operating;
  • Field sanitation, showers, and latrines;
  • Supplied daily water delivery and grey and black water removal;
  • Document processing and printing equipment with maintenance and service;
  • Office furniture, dining facility, and fitness center equipment; and
  • MWR and Religious observances support services.