KVG’s strong presence in Poland consistently supports the growing needs of our customers. Our long-standing program management office in Gdansk is perfectly situated to allow us to quick and efficient execution of diverse projects and various scopes of work. The KVG Team’s operations range from multiple line haul movements and vehicle leasing to annual exercise support and ongoing deliveries of construction materials supporting the renovation and upgrades of numerous facilities throughout Poland.

    KVG’s work in Poland includes:

    • Construction of 3 living facilities to house 1,000 personnel;
      • Totaled 5,000 square meters (53,820 square feet),
      • Constructed with zoned electricity and air conditioning, and
      • Installed energy efficient oil heating system;
    • Coordinating and executing multiple line haul movements including entry, escort and exit formalities;
    • Planning a convoy route and schedule and expediting approval of deployment permission forms from the Polish Ministry of Defense in support of the Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2017;
    • Providing on-demand and scheduled bus transportation for over 2,500 personnel;
    • Leasing over 100 non-tactical vehicles;
    • Delivering aggregate, concrete, and custom outfitted construction materials;
    • Providing specialized laundry services to support US and Coalition Soldiers in Drawsko Promorskie Land Forces Training Center;
    • Building a fully operational and self-sustaining camp supporting over one thousand military personnel with refrigerated containers, housing tents, dining facilities and generators; and
    • Providing multiple base support operations—laundry, generator and electric grid setup, exterior flood lighting, base camp construction, tent erection, and delivery of cots and furniture—in support of the NATO joint military exercise ANAKONDA 2016, the largest movement of foreign military in Poland since World War II.