KVG supported the US Department of Defense’ (DoD) former operations at Manas Air Base by fulfilling the DoD’s supply requirements throughout CENTCOM. KVG continued works throughout the Kyrgyz Republic by supporting the US Counter Narcoterrorism Program Office’s projects at multiple locations along the Kyrgyz borders.

KVG’s works in the Kyrgyz Republic include:

  • Provided key logistics support to the Manas Transit Center;
  • Implemented the CENTCOM Central Asian States procurement initiative in the Kyrgyzstan from the early stages;
  • Provided all classes of supply to US Air Force units maintaining the Manas Transit Center;
  • Shipped hundreds of supply items into Afghanistan on behalf of the Manas Buying Cell; and
  • Dispatched quality control engineers across the southern border areas in order to execute and deliver fully functional border stations to the Kyrgyz Border Service.