KVG provides a wide range of mission and exercise support services in Germany for the US Army, US Air Force, and USMC. KVG deploys specialized translator & interpreter teams with the Georgian-based USMC deployment training program on their biennial Mission Readiness Exercises at Hohenfels Training Area. KVG also supports the Strong Europe exercise activities and other US Army activities throughout Germany. 

    KVG’s works in Germany include:

    • European-wide shuttle, charter bus, NTV lease, and maintenance Blanket Purchase Agreement for US Air Force;
    • Transportation of 150 Ukrainian soldiers, 5 tanks, 10 BMPs, and support vehicles on multiple movements between Germany, Poland, and Ukraine;
    • Interpreter & translator support to USMC at biennial Mission Readiness Exercises with USMC and Republic of Georgia soldiers;
    • Numerous NTV lease and maintenance services throughout Germany;
    • Continuously sourced and delivered construction materials; and
    • Ongoing market research supporting sourcing and delivery of construction, maintenance, and repair materials for Defense Logistics Agency projects throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia.