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KVG provides daily support to the USMC’s Georgia Deployment Program – Resolute Support Mission (GDP-RSM) operations at the Krtsanisi National Training Center (KNTC) in addition to recurring services to the US Embassy, US Army, and the USAF throughout the Republic of Georgia. KVG provides annual support for Noble Partner and Agile Spirit exercises as well as forward support to the USMC during their biennial GDP-RSM Mission Readiness Exercises at Hohenfels Training Area in Germany.

KVG’s works in the Republic of Georgia include:

  • Dining Facility (DFAC) operations and meal services, operating 4 serving lines delivering 3 meals per day to over 3,000 US and Coalition military personnel;
  • Logistical and Program Support for the implementing team performing the Scientific & Technical Engagement Partnership (STEP) as part for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s (DTRA) Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP);
  • 24-hour, 365-day per year full-service transportation operations which include vehicle fleet management, maintenance, dispatch, and driver services based at KNTC with complete operations—including recovery—throughout Georgia;
  • Interpreter and translation staffing for the USMC, US Embassy, and visiting Military Leaders and Diplomats of Allied Nations. Services include:
    • Simultaneous, consecutive, and sight/reading translation,
    • Written/digital translation,
    • Classroom, presentation, and conference settings,
    • Congressional delegations and dignitary visit support,
    • Military warfighting and medical specific activities, and
    • Embedded accompaniment during deployment and exercises throughout Georgia and Germany;
  • Additional specialized medical interpreter support to the USMC;
  • Annual interpreter and translation support personnel during Agile Spirit and Noble Partner exercises;
  • Extensive expeditionary base operations support during Noble Partner exercises at Vaziani Training Area which supported more than 2,500 US & Partnering-Nation personnel with:
    • Airport shuttle services and leased NTVs,
    • Construction of 3 shower facilities services,
    • Installation and relocation of toilet facilities for placement at various ranges throughout exercise activities,
    • Fixed and relocatable handwashing stations,
    • Constant hot and cold water at all facilities, and
    • Daily sanitary cleaning and gray & black water removal;
  • High-speed NIPR and UNCLASS LAN and WIFI internet at KNTC;
  • Supply sourcing, customs clearance, and delivery for US Military activities; and
  • Frequent NTV leasing and bussing/shuttle services for US Government agencies.