Tajikistan General Equipment


KVG procured and delivered Toyota and Kamaz military vehicles in support of local Tajikistan government counter narcotics operations. This project directly influenced ongoing stability and security actions in the Central Asian region.

Customer: CNTPO

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Jordan Troop Support

January 2016 to Present

KVG provides ongoing, front-line support to US personnel operating in the Kingdom of Jordan.  KVG locally integrated service providers are positioned to add value with streamlined life support packages.

Customer: USA and USMC


Cincu INfrastructure Project

June 2015 to October 2015

KVG supported infrastructure improvements to the Cincu Military Training Facility near Brasov, Romania by coordinating and delivering construction material required to build new training ranges.

Customer: USAEUR

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Philippines Maritime Border Security Project

June 2015 to Present

KVG is actively supporting DTRA Maritime Border Security projects in the Republic of Philippines with vessel communications installations and network commissioning support on remote frontier isles.

Customer: DTRA


Moldova Land Border Project

August 2014 to Current

KVG is actively participating in the mission to prevent weapons of mass destruction proliferation throughout Europe by providing procurement, engineering, staffing, technical expertise, and logistics support to our customers in Chisinau, Moldova.  Our procurement activities have resulted in the supply of various types of CBRNE and Chem-Bio Response equipment to the Moldovan Border Police.  Construction, maintenance and establishment of various border command and control centers and observation towers will occur before project completion in August 2016.

Customer: DTRA

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Philippine National Watch Center Project

March - May 2015

KVG actively supported DTRA completion of Philippine Coast Guard National Watch Center in Manila, Philippines. The KVG team was vital in completing and turning over the US funded center to the host government. KVG team members orchestrated a variety of logistics support services within a very constricted timeline.


Customer: DTRA

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Central Asia Solar Equipment Support

Dates: January 2014 to August 2014

KVG supported border guard units with sustainable energy solutions at posts along the Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Tajik and Afghanistan borders enabling an extensive network of border stations and outposts to effectively communicate over the vast geographical challenges of Central Asia’s mountains.

Customer: CNTPO


Afghan Air Force Pilot Equipment Support

October 2013 to October 2015

KVG supports DoD efforts to modernize the Afghan National Air Force by outfitting all new pilot classes as they begin their flight training activities aboard the PC12 platform aircraft. Our support has led to the effective outfitting of five graduating classes of Aviators.

Customer: CNTPO


Romania Mihail Kogalcineau Airbase and Deveselu Naval Base Support

November 2013 to Current

KVG supported the establishment of the transit center for Afghanistan bound troops at Mihail Kogalcineau Airbase outside Constanta, Romania beginning in 2013 with material support to US Military construction teams. Since then our support has evolved to assist in operational activities of the Black Sea Rotational Force and continued maturation of the Naval Base at Deveselu, Romania. Our ongoing works include materials procurement, construction, staffing, and vehicle leasing. 


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Tajikistan Tactical Equipment Procurement

October 2014 to January 2016

KVG delivered equipment to support counter narcotics operations of the Tajikistan Drug Control Agency, Ministry of Interior, National Guard and Border Service. Equipment includes border detection sensors, solar systems, training range equipment, personal protective equipment and optical devices.  This project directly supports ongoing stability and security operations in the Central Asia area.

Customer: CNTPO

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KVG delivered vehicles, communication, personal protective gear and optical type equipment to the Chadian SATG in N’Djamena, Chad. This procurement effort directly supported war on terror efforts in West Africa and the outbreak of armed terrorist groups in Chad associated with Boko Haram.  

Customer: CNTPO

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Ukraine Border Guard Housing Modules

August 2014 to October 2014

KVG supported the procurement, delivery and construction of 41 Border Guard modules for the Ukrainian Border Guard Service. KVG delivered and constructed units in Ukraine that included air conditioning, electrical system, heating, lighting and furniture. Despite the challenging threat dynamics in Eastern Ukraine, KVG was able to finish 60 days ahead of schedule and most importantly before winter began. 

Customer: DTRO / DOS


Tajikistan Quality COntrol & Logistics Support

September 2014 to June 2015

KVG understands the challenges of working in difficult conditions while striving to meet strict defense mission requirements. Our support teams have provided on the ground logistics and project oversight to the border areas of Tajikistan and supported the completion of a multi site building project.  

A testament to KVG’s dependability as a rapid-response solutions provider of cost-effective solutions is our participation in the construction of infrastructure in rural Tajikistan. A prime contractor obtained our logistical support and quality control services to realize its mission as part of the IACN Border Augmentation efforts along the borders of Tajikistan.

Customer: CNTPO


kyrgyzstan Border Stations, Quality COntrol & Logistics Support

March 2014 to July 2014

KVG supported the construction, quality control and logistics necessary to complete turnover of 11 border stations to the Kyrgyz Border Guard service. Each site was located within a challenging, rugged and austere edge of Kyrgyzstan, which is located in the eastern part of Central Asia. KVG teams were located at each border site to oversee construction activities and ensure our end customer was satisfied with the product they received from the US DoD. KVG teams provided language, technical, logistical and procurement support solutions necessary to close the project before a set turnover date to the host government. 

Customer: CNTPO


Kyrgyzstan Manas Airbase Procurement Support

October 2012 to December 2014

KVG was instrumental in the procurement and delivery of supplies, commodities and services to the Manas Airbase in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.  KVG procurement supported and shipped various items to Bishkek including Heavy Equipment, Non Tactical Vehicles, Industrial Equipment and Base Support Supplies.  KVG supported the drawdown through 2014 until the base was officially closed.    

Customer: USAF


Central Asia States (CAS) Procurement Initiative support

October 2012 to June 2014

KVG was one of the first solution providers to participate and execute the DoD effort to build economic partnerships and prosperity in Central Asia. KVG supported CENTCOM activities by actively supporting and delivering goods and services from the Central Asia region in support of the ongoing defense operations in Afghanistan.  By executing successful deliveries into Afghanistan KVG not only supported the vital mission of US troops but also effectively established trading partners in the region.

Customer: CENTCOM


Liberia Ebola Containment Camps


KVG supported the rapid buildup of Ebola Containment camps in West Africa by delivering truckloads of construction materials in under 72 hours. KVG agents on the ground supported turnover and delivery enabling the military construction crews to quickly establish support leading to the successful containment of the contagion. 

Customer: DLA