Executive Management Team


John Boyer

Managing Director

John Boyer completed degrees with Texas Tech University, University of San Diego, and Georgetown ESADE and is also a combat veteran having served the United States Marine Corps in Iraq. In 2009, John launched the team’s first project to build a footwear manufacturing facility in Afghanistan and has since been leading projects supporting CENTCOM activities throughout Central Asia and the expansion of KVG activities abroad.


Eli Abbott

Executive Director

Elisha Abbott is a combat veteran having served multiple tours with the United States Marine Corps in Iraq. He earned a Masters Degree from the University of San Diego and spent several years in working projects in Mexico before joining the Afghanistan footwear project. Eli led KVG efforts to expand into Central Asia and Eastern Europe and was responsible for the development of sourcing and supply chain development in South East Asia.


Shawn Classen

Vice President of Administration

Shawn leads the KVG support team. He manages the daily operation of the systems that make KVG capable of being a global business. Shawn is well versed in Compliance and Control measures and skilled at strategic planning. He is a graduate of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

Thibault Flament

Vice President of Operations

Thibault holds a master's in Civil Engineering from Paris. He spent the next 7 years working in project management in Central Africa. He is an experienced construction and maintenance manager. Thibault has been managing industrial and construction projects including explosive storage facilities, office construction and aviation fuel storage. Thibault is currently supporting KVG's West Africa operations out of Chad and Moldova. 

Global Operations Team


Global Operations Manager

Shuhrat Murodilloev is an experienced project and logistics support manager having successfully supported DOD projects in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan as well as quality control efforts throughout Asia. He is fluent in English, Russian, Tajik, Uzbek and Farsi and familiar with cultural intricacies in the diverse Central Asian region. Shuhrat is a graduate of the American University of Central Asia and spent several years developing new business in Tajikistan and travelling the United States. 


Global Operations Manager

Ovidiu Rusu leads KVG efforts in Romania. He has extensive experience in the information technology industry and project logistics having supported various support activities for the US Army Corps of Engineers, the United States Marine Corps and EUCOM. Ovidiu has a degree in IT from the Bucuresti Univeritatea Spiru Haret and is fluent in English and Romanian