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lviv / Ochakiv


Activity: 2016 to PRESENT

Customer: US Army / DoS / DLA / DTRA









/ Country Manager

Jeremie Blaise













KVG operates a fully capable program management office in Lviv, Ukraine and a logistical support office aboard the International Peacekeeping Security Center outside Lavoriv. We have supported renovations of existing military structures, base logistical and maintenance requirements, and provided interpreter translator support to visiting military units. We have also participated in the annual Rapid Trident multilateral exercise and delivered border guard stations to the Ukraine Border Security Agency on behalf of the Defense Threat Reduction Office.



Number:      W564KV-17-C-0135
Customer:   US Army
Period:         Sep 2017 - Present


KVG upgraded the main power transformer station to support growth of the Joint Multinational Training Group – Ukraine operations in Western Ukraine. KVG procured, delivered, and installed a 400 kVA, 10kV to 400V step-down, 3 phase, NEMA 1, pad-mounted, oil-filled transformer with 700 meters of direct burial secondary cabling to distribution panels. KVG also renovated the facility housing the current transformer to bring in compliance with modern safety standards.

Number:      W564KV-16-P-0129
Customer:   US Army
Period:         Aug 2016 - Present

KVG’s licensed electricians installed and performed ongoing maintenance for two 100K and two 220K electrical power generation units at the Combat Training Center, Ukraine. All works meet local Ukrainian and British Standard electrical requirements.

Number:      W564KV-17-P-0126
Customer:   US Army
Period:        Jul –Aug 2017

KVG repaired an abandoned, 40-meter tall communications tower in Western Ukraine. KVG made structural repairs and installed a new raised foundation for the communications housing before reinstalling and configuring communications equipment and aircraft warning system. 

Number:      W564KV-16-P-0148 & 16-P-0191
Customer:   US Army
Period:        Aug 2017 –Aug 2017

KVG provided custodial services, preventative maintenance, and on-call repair services for 3 plumbing facilities and 2 fitness centers for the US Army and Joint Multinational Training Group at the International Peacekeeping & Security Center in Yavoriv, Ukraine.

Number:      W564KV-17-C-0002
Customer:   US Army
Period:        Oct 2016 – Mar 2017

KVG performed major upgrades to a two-story, Soviet era barracks by:

  •  replacing all electrical, and plumbing fixtures and electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and sewage systems;
  • installed smoke detectors, alarm system, and emergency lighting;
  • made extensive structural and foundation improvements;
  •  replaced all interior and exterior doors and windows;
  •  repaired subflooring and installed new flooring;
  • converted 2 rooms into secured armories;
  •  installed 4 large shower and latrine rooms; and
  • installed roof gutters, downspouts, and exterior perimeter skirt and sidewalks. 
Number:      W6866-17-0101
Customer:   Canadian Army
Period:        Jan –Feb 2017