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Activity: 2014 to PRESENT

Customer: US Army / DTRA / DoD

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/ Country Manager

Serghei Topal













KVG operates a full program management office In the Republic of Moldova and is implementing program support on the Defense Threat Reduction Agency Cooperative Threat Reduction Integrating Contract. Our engineering team has executed border security improvements, command and control upgrades and we are also providing Moldovan ministries with new equipment and training to improve the effectiveness of their internal federal controls. The KVG Moldova Team also provides exercise support to visiting NATO troops during annual multilateral events.



Number:      HDTRA11-11D-0007 
Customer:   DoD, DTRA
Period:         Aug 2014 - Present


KVG constructed 5 new, 40-meter towers with concrete pylon foundations and intricate electrical components at 5 separate locations along the Moldova borders. This project also required renovation of 5 existing structures to outfit with upgraded electronics and control systems. KVG provides a professional team of local and international staff to provide architecture and engineering support, along with other administration and electronic communication technical assistance to our customer.



Number:      W564KV-16-P-0063
Customer:   US Army
Period:        May 2016


KVG supported the U.S. Army 2nd Cavalry Regimental Engineer Squadron on its joint training exercise with the Army of the Republic of Moldova by providing lease and maintenance of one (1) refrigerated truck.