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Activity: 2016 to PRESENT

Customer: US Army

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The KVG Team has supported military exercises requiring material handling support, refrigerated containers, laundry services and non tactical vehicles. Our in country and regionally located support teams can respond to requirements quickly and with locally organic solutions.



Number:      W912PB-16-P-3169
Customer:   US Army
Period:         Jun –Sep 2016


KVG installed eight 10,000 BTU Air Conditioning (AC) units, two 20,000BTU units, and two 40,000BTU units to achieve the 70°F/21°C requirement in the poorly insulated building during over 90°F/32°C weather with high humidity. KVG’s modification included installing twelve air conditioning units, exhaust and intake modifications and installation of 42 kVA diesel generator.



Number:      W912PB-17-P-3144
Customer:   US Army
Period:        Jul – Aug 2017


KVG provided chartered bus transportation including planning, programming, administering, managing, and executing all functions necessary to provide the services for the movement of personnel and baggage throughout Hungary and Czech Republic on contract supporting Operation SABER GUARDIAN 2017. KVG delivered 15 busses and transported a total of 285 PAX.

Number:      FA5606-17-A-3004
Customer:   US Army
Period:        Jul 2017 - present

KVG successfully performed on 4 BPA calls providing five 50 PAX busses for reoccurring troop shuttle between Papa and Gyor Air Bases. KVG delivered 20 busses and 11 baggage trucks to transport over 1,000 PAX.

Number:      W912PB-17-P-3060
Customer:   US Army
Period:        Mar - Jul 2017

KVG successfully performed NTVs lease and maintenance services to support USG operations in Hungary, counting 4 (9) passenger’s vans and 1 sedan as response to USG multiple requests under Atlantic Resolve Operation.

Number:      W912PB-16-P-3159
Customer:   US Army
Period:        Jun 2016

KVG performed daily troop movement operations for the US Army in support of Operation BRAVE WARRIOR 2016 Exercise in Hungary. KVG provided operators, 5 cargo trucks, 1 VIP shuttle bus, and 15 busses to transport over 700 PAX and personal baggage in-and-around Papa AirBase, Hajmasker Rail Station and Camp Ujmajor, Hungary.

Number:      W912PB-16-P-3205
Customer:   US Army
Period:        Aug 2016

KVG provide two (2) forklifts with a minimum lifting capability of 10,000 Kilograms and operators required to maneuver, load and download military containers to include MILVANs and Quadcons onto military and civilian transportation trucks, to support the US soldiers at Camp Ujmajor, Hungary.

Number:      W912PB-16-P-3157
Customer:   US Army
Period:        Jun – Sep 2016

KVG provided lease and maintenance services for 12 NTVs to support US soldiers needs throughout Hungary. KVG performed both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance as needed to ensure the leased vehicles stay 100% operational.

Number:      W912PB-16-P-3162
Customer:   US Army
Period:        Jun – Aug 2016

KVG provided mobile refrigeration and freezer unit, including on-site maintenance required to support US soldiers needs at Camp UJMAJOR, Hungary.