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Activity: 2016 to PRESENT

Customer: USMC / US Army / DLA









/ Country Manager

Lasha Tsereteli






KVG operates a full program management office in Tbilisi, Georgia and logisticalsupport office aboard Kartisani Training Area where we currently support theGeorgia Deployment Program with Full Service Transportation Services andInterpreter Translator Support. The KVG Georgia Team also support DLA Maintenance Operations and Repair orders destined for the region and provides logistics support to the annual Agile Sprit multilateral exercises.



Number:      W564KV-17-T-0101
Customer:   US Army
Period:        Jul –Aug 2017


KVG designed and constructed 4 permanent shower facilities, fresh & grey water plumbing systems, and 70 temporary latrines servicing 800 US personnel at Vaziani Training Area, Republic of Georgia. This was a very short-notice project and KVG worked around the clock to complete all earthworks, foundation forming, construction, and electrical and plumbing installation on time.



Number:      M27100-17-P-1402
Customer:   USMC
Period:        Aug – Sep 2017


KVG provided 10 NTVs with qualified drivers at multiple sites in accordance with PWS requirements in support of Agile Spirit Exercise throughout Georgia. KVG maintained a 24/7 vehicle and driver support during the entire period of performance and complied to all safety ant maintenance requirements.

Number:      FA5606-17-A-3011
Customer:   USMC
Period:        Jul 2017 – Aug 2018

KVG is authorized to perform under the Blanket Purchase Agreement for the rental of vehicles with drivers in support of the Noble Partner Exercise in Georgia, fulfilling currently one call order for 54 PAX multiple trips bussing. KVG is submitting delivery tickets per each billing procedure IAW with Performance Work Statement and in-house Quality Control Plan.

Number:      W564KV-17-P-0120
Customer:   USMC
Period:        July – August 2017

KVG supported the U.S. Army and Georgian Army Noble Partner 17 joint international exercise at Vaziani Training Area under the contract, serving a total of 35 missions, 83 busses, 7 cargo trucks, 3 flatbeds and transporting 3636 PAX to and from different destinations, including TBS military airport, various locations at Vaziani Training Area (VTA), Senaki, Norio and Bolnisi. Each and every movement was accompanied by KVG personnel that were present with the mission from the beginning to the end destination.

Number:      W564KV-17-P-0058
Customer:   USMC
Period:        May 2017 – May 2018

KVG maintain an NTV fleet of four 4x4 SUVs in support to USMC Programme in Georgia. KVG developed systematic vehicle inspection procedures including scheduled and unscheduled maintenances, and is providing continuous 24-hour, 365-day service to the USMC and US Embassy staff within Georgia.

Number:      W564KV-16-D-0007
Customer:   USMC
Period:        June 2016 - Present

KVG provides continuous 24-hour, 365-day driver and vehicle service to the USMC and US Embassy staff supporting the Georgian Deployment Program. KVG offers 13 non-tactical SUVs, three 15-PAX vans and additional cargo transportation services, 35 qualified drivers and personnel fluent in English, very familiar with local area, and additional instruction on OPSEC and safety procedures in order to maintain safety of US personnel throughout their official and leisure travel in Georgia.