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tallinn / riga / vilnius


Activity: 2016 to PRESENT

Customer: US Army / DLA









/ Country Manager

Michał Sękiewic






The KVG team has supported military exercises and logistics support needs in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. The KVG Baltics Team provided infrastructure improvement mine direct aggregates to Amal Base in Estonia and exercise support in Adazi and Lielvarde, Latvia; Tapa, Estonia; and Rukla, Lithuania. We are locally capable of providing direct support across all company core competencies.



Number:      W912PB-17-P-3182
Customer:   US Army
Period:        Aug - Oct 2017


KVG maintained a fleet of 18 NTVs to provide transportation of personnel and equipment throughout the Schengen countries including the Baltic areas (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) Poland and Germany. KVG coordinated with Unit POC all the delivery points and complied to requested vehicles specifications; performed both scheduled and unscheduled maintenances and provided full insurance coverage for all vehicles.

Number:      W912PB-17-P-3033
Customer:   US Army
Period:        Jan - Dec 2017

KVG is providing lease and maintenance of six 9 PAX Vans for the Atlantic Resolve 12th CAB for transportation of personnel and equipment over Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. KVG is delivering mission capable NTVs with a complete insurance and maintenance plan.

Number:      W912PB-17-P-3078
Customer:   US Army
Period:        Mar – Jul 2017

KVG delivered 40 FT mobile refrigerated trailers with self-supported power capacity, to support training units at Adazi and Lielvarde, Latvia; Tapa, Estonia; and Rukla, Lithuania. KVG provided maintenance and service support.

Number:      W912PB-16-P-3238
Customer:   US Army
Period:        Sep 2016 – Mar 2017

KVG provided four (4) full size commercial box trucks to recover parachutes used by US soldiers in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia during Airborne Operations. KVG obtained all permits and requirements applicable to host countries laws, performed complete maintenance and offered full insurance plan.

Number:      W912PB-17-P-3136
Customer:   US Army
Period:        May - Jun 2017

KVG provided 6612 PAX movement services utilizing 39 chartered buses with drivers and luggage capacity in and around Latvia. KVG maintained accurate and complete records and files of all US and Latvian performance documentation.

Number:      W912PB-17-P-3054
Customer:   US Army
Period:        Mar – Jul 2017

KVG provided one (1) full size commercial box truck to transport multiple classes of supply used in support of Atlantic Resolve in Lithuania.