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/ Tbilisi

Tajikistan General Equipment

KVG procured and delivered Toyota and Kamaz military vehicles in support of local Tajikistan government counter narcotics operations. This project directly influenced ongoing stability and security actions in the Central Asian region.

Customer: CNTPO


/ Constanta



Philippines Maritime Border Security

KVG is actively supporting DTRA Maritime Border Security projects in the Republic of Philippines with vessel communications installations and network commissioning support on remote frontier isles.

Customer: DTRA

Moldova Land Border Project

KVG is actively participating in the mission to prevent weapons of mass destruction proliferation throughout Europe by providing procurement, engineering, staffing, technical expertise, and logistics support to our customers in Chisinau, Moldova.  Our procurement activities have resulted in the supply of various types of CBRNE and Chem-Bio Response equipment to the Moldovan Border Police.  Construction, maintenance and establishment of various border command and control centers and observation towers will occur before project completion in August 2016.

Customer: DTRA